Issue 5 online

After some editorial challenges that postponed publication, Issue 5 of Vexillum: The Undergraduate Journal of Classical and Medieval Studies is now online! We’re thrilled to have published another six excellent pieces from undergraduates hailing from universities across North America. Thank you to our editors and peer reviewers, to all of our undergraduate authors who submitted papers, and the heartiest of thank yous to our audience for their continued readership.

We’ll be posting a new Call for Papers soon, along with information about job openings for the new year and new initiatives designed to expand our conference participation, online visibility, and undergraduate mentorship. Stay tuned for announcements!

New Vexillum site live

After some unexpected website difficulties we encountered after switching web hosting services, Vexillum: The Undergraduate Journal of Classical and Medieval Studies is back online. Thank you for your patience, and stay tuned for Issue 5!

A warm welcome to our new Editor-in-Chief

As 2014 draws to a close, our Editor-in-Chief of two years, Sebastian Rider-Bezerra, is stepping down from his position as chair of Vexillum, but he remains committed to the journal and to its mission of providing a dedicated venue for undergraduate scholars to publish superlative scholarship in their fields. He is replaced by our Senior Editor, Edward Mead Bowen, who has served capably as a reader, editor, and web editor at the journal since September 2012. We welcome Mr. Bowen in his new role as Editor-in-Chief and are confident that he will continue the journal’s legacy of excellence into the new year and beyond.

Issue 4 online

Issue 4 of Vexillum: The Undergraduate Journal of Classical and Medieval Studies is now online! We are thrilled to publish six strong papers this year from undergraduate authors on a broad range of subjects in classical and medieval studies. A tremendous thank you and congratulations to our authors for their fine work. 

As the new year approaches, we look forward to continuing our tradition of offering a venue for talented undergraduates to publish outstanding scholarship at an early stage in their careers. Stay tuned for updates and announcements in the coming months, including our next Call for Papers. We’ve already received a number of submissions for Issue 5 — we look forward to receiving more!

Submissions closed

Submissions for the 2014 edition of Vexillum: The Undergraduate Journal of Classical and Medieval Studies are now closed. Any further submissions will be considered for the 2015 volume. We are looking forward immensely to reading this strong set of papers and helping a new set of undergraduates get their names out there. Thank you to all who applied, and to those who have not yet done so, we will see you next year!

Last day for submissions!

Today is the last day for submissions for our 2014 issue–get your papers in now! Looking forward to reading many excellent undergraduate essays.

Vexillum seeking readers!

Vexillum is looking for undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty–but particularly undergraduates!–who want to read and comment upon student submissions. We do this to get multiple opinions on the essays we consider and it is an integral part of how we shape our issues. If you are interested, please email with your name, affiliation, and a brief statement of your areas of interest. Thank you very much!

New Vexillum site live

After the sudden and lamentable demise of our previous website (due, we believe, to incompatibilities between our configuration and new updates to the OJS system this journal previously employed), we must thank our Senior Editor Edward Mead Bowen for his incredibly quick construction and implementation of this new, WordPress-based website. Parts of the site, we know, you will notice are still rough around the edges; these will be updated and corrected on a rolling basis. But now we’re back online and eager to continue presenting high quality undergraduate scholarship to our readers. Comments and suggestions on the new website are welcome at Thank you for your patience!

Sebastian Rider-Bezerra